Owner-Builder Exemption from Restricted Building Work for DIYers Now Available

Written by building4u on Monday, 19 March 2012 14:19 in Alerts
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Owner-Builder Exemption Available Owner-Builder Exemption Available

The Department of Building and Housing's Manager of Operational Policy, Craig Hall, has confirmed that "The owner-builder is exempt from the requirement that they must hire appropriately licensed building practitioners to carry out restricted building work on their homes. That is, work critical to the structure and weathertightness of people's homes."

"Most DIY work is usually minor repair, maintenance or alteration work and doesn't fall in the category of Restricted Building Work. For this work nothing has changed and home owners can continue on as they always have when it comes to things like building a pool fence, most bathroom or kitchen renovations, patios and stand alone garages," he says.

Mr Hall says people can consider themselves owner-builders if they:

• Own the home

• Live in or are going to live in the home (includes a bach or holiday home)

• Carry out the Restricted Building Work yourself or with the help of your unpaid friends and family members, and

• Have not, under this owner-builder exemption, carried out Restricted Building Work to any other home within the previous 3 years.

Owner-builders need to file a statutory declaration with their local council showing how they meet owner-builder criteria before work can begin. The declaration will be logged on council housing records so future property buyers know a non-licensed builder carried out building work on the property.

Building Amendment Act came into force on 13.3.12


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