Which areas of New Zealand are covered by building4u?

building4u covers the whole of New Zealand – and that’s just the beginning!

Do I have to Register to use the building4u website?

You do not have to be registered to view the Directory, the news and information sections, or the sales features on the website. However, some services and features of the website are not accessible unless you are registered at building4u. For example, you must be registered to post or bid for jobs, to view the tenders4u section, or to post a listing of any kind. It is important to note that by accessing the website for any purpose whatsoever, you will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to building4u's terms and conditions and you will be bound by them. This will be highlighted (and a copy accessable) to you at the time you register. They can also be found at the bottom of this page.

Where can I register?

Registration is simple, quick and completely free. You can register by clicking on the REGISTER button at the top right hand of the homepage. Once you have registered you can access and use all of the features of the website. You simply log in using your Username and Password.

How do I know the verification of my email address has been successful?

When you register, a verification email link will be sent to the email address you provided. Simply click on the link and you will be taken back to the homepage of the website where you will be able to log in using the Username and Password you have created for your account.

How does the verification of email address work?

When you sign up and fill in your details, just click on the REGISTER button to complete the registration process after which an email will be sent to your email address. This email will contain a link enabling you to verify and activate your account so that you can log in. Please note that Trades and Services providers must use their business name as their ‘Username’ in order to use the services on the website.

Is my information safe with you?

All communication takes place securely through the building4u website, where you are in control of choosing who you contact, and who you respond to.  building4u does not sell your personal information to third parties.

When do I need to pay building4u’s fees?

There is no fee to join as a Basic member. Generally all classified listing fees, and Premium and Platinum membership fees, are payable in advance of the provision of these services. Some fees are paid annually in advance while others are paid monthly in advance, depending on the service and the features that you require. Any relevant work4me fee is paid only if your bid is successful and that fee will be deducted from the total amount of your bid, which is paid by the customer into the BuildSafe Trust Account before you start the job. Click here to find out more about BuildSafe http://www.buildsafesecurity.co.nz/

How do I Sign Up and is this service free?

Signing up is completely free and simple – it will only take a couple of minutes. You can Sign Up by clicking on the REGISTER button at the top right of the website. Basic membership is free and you can pay a fee to upgrade at any time to a Premium or Platinum membership.
Generally any services that involve; hiring tools, plant or machinery, the sale of goods or property, employment, or using any of the primary advertising spaces/functions of the website will incur charges – please contact us to discuss your requirements. Call free on 0508 BUILDING (284534).

How do I create and update my building4u listing?

You can create any listing by simply clicking on the red CREATE A NEW LISTING button at the top left hand side of the page. This will take you to a page which gives you a choice of six categories for your listing. Simply click on the blue ‘START LISTING’ button in the category under which you wish to create your listing. A page will open up allowing you to enter the required information for that listing type.

What sort of jobs can I post on work4me?

If you need a Trades or Services provider to help you build, renovate, fix or maintain your house, garden or property - then you can post your job on work4me.

What does Premium/Platinum membership mean?

Trades and Services providers who have chosen one of these listing options, have chosen to promote their businesses by providing more information about themselves and their services. They have paid a fee to do so, so are serious about winning your business and providing top quality products and services. By choosing these options the lister gets additional 'presence' on the site including additional text, logos and pictures with which to tell their story.

How long is my Premium or Platinum membership valid for?

The period for any upgraded membership above Basic is twelve months, renewable at the end of that period.

What will happen if I do not extend my Premium or Platinum membership?

You will be advised in advance by email, that your membership renewal is coming due, and you have the option to renew it at the same or a higher level at that point. If you don't, your membership will simply revert to Basic, and you will lose the benefits afforded by a Premium or Playinum listing. You will not be removed from the Directory.

If I wish to select a Premium of Platinum listing, what do I do?

You will need to complete a basic listing application first. Some fields on the application form are ‘greyed-out’. Don’t worry. Once you have completed your basic listing and clicked on the PROCEED button you will be taken to your account page where you can upgrade your listing. You must select the listing you wish to have upgraded (you may have a number of listings in your account) and then click the UPGRADE button. You will then be taken back to the listing you wish to upgrade where you will be able to complete the fields previously greyed-out.

Does my Premium  listing always appear above Basic listings?

Normally, your Premium listing will always appear above any Basic listing. However for the following categories - Buy/Sell, jobs4u, and New Homes/Sections for Sale - it can subsequently appear in the order it is listed, if the reviewer selects a special search override (i.e. newest listings first). This ensures that the viewer sees the listings in the order he/she wants to, at that time.

Does my Platinum  listing always appear above Premium listings?

Normally, your Platinum listing will always appear above any Premium or Basic listing. However for the following categories - Buy/Sell, jobs4u, and New Homes/Sections for Sale - it can subsequently appear in the order the viewer requests, if the viewer selects a special search override (i.e. newest listings first). This ensures that the viewer sees the listings in the order he/she wants to, at that time.

Which category of listing is best for me?

If you do not require a detailed presentation of your business in the Directory, or can't see the value in having it, a Basic listing will likely suit your needs well.

If, on the other hand, you want to provide a more detailed presentation of your business and the benefits of using your services then a Premium listing will allow you to achieve that very effectively. Premium listings will always appear above Basic listings in any search of the Directory, unless the viewer overrides this with a specific search selection such as 'latest listing first' (for Buy/Sell, buildingjobs4u, and New Homes/Sections for Sale only). The bold blue border and pale blue coloured background of Premium listings are immediately recognisable. The ability to tell customers more about your business (what you do, how you do it ,and what you have achieved),  tell them about your qualifications and experience, add your business logo, photos of your team and/or your work environment, add your company logo of any trade or professional organisation that you belong to and, detail additional products or brands that your business produces or promotes, will undoubtedly set you apart from the crowd, get the customer’s attention, and be of real value to you. The  cost of upgrading to a Premium listing is very modest by comparison with any other form of advertising. You will also have an advantage when bidding for Jobs on the work4me Job Board because the small fee that you have to pay if you’re the successful Bidder, and which you must include in your Bid, is less than the fee paid by other contractors with only a Basic listing.
Platinum listings have a red border and a pale red background and will always appear above Basic and Premium listings in any search of the Directory,
unless the viewer overrides this with a specific search selection such as 'latest listing first' (for Buy/Sell, buildingjobs4u, and New Homes/Sections for Sale only). Platinum listings carry all the benefits of Premium listings, plus they enable you to include more brands or products than Premium listings, and to upload more images to graphically promote your business.

How much do I need to pay to use the work4me service?

If your bid is successful, the fee that building4u charges for using this service is 6% of the bid amount for Basic members, and 3% of the bid amount for Premium and Platinum members. A minimum fee of $30NZD applies in every case (These figures are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST).

Why do I have to use my business name when I register as a Trade or Service provider on the building4u website?

Because if you bid for any jobs on the work4me job board, the customer is entitled to know who they are dealing with, and to check your listing and profile, and your customer ratings.

How do I find the right Trades or Services Provider for my job?

building4u offers you three options for finding a Trades or Services provider for your job. All options are completely free of charge and without obligation.
1. Use the Directory to search for a Trades or Services provider in your area, who you can contact directly through our website, to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quote for your job. You can define your search by Trades or Services, type of work, and location. This option is best when you are not sure exactly what you require and what exactly can be done to your property.
2. Use work4me to obtain quotes from Trades or Services providers for your job/project, by posting your job on the work4me Job Board and using the unique work4me reverse auction service to obtain competitive bids for your project. You simply post your job on the work4me Job Board by describing the job that needs doing, setting a proposed start date for the job, and your starting price, and fixing the date when bids will close. You are not obliged to accept any bid if you do not get a price that meets your budget, or for any other reason you decide not to proceed with the job. If you do get a bid that meets your requirements you can accept a bid at any time. You may choose the lowest or any bid allowing you to choose a bidder whose price might be a little more, but based on the business profile and ratings, you feel is better able to complete your job for you. This option will be best when you know exactly what you want done. You can expect to achieve substantial savings by using work4me.
3. Use the tenders4me service to call tenders in the conventional way. You simply post a tender on the Tender Board setting out the relevant project details and tender closing date. Trades and Services providers can contact you directly to obtain tender documents for quoting. This option will work best when the job is extensive and complex, or you are a head contractor wanting subcontract and supply prices for the purpose of compiling your own tender price, or your business or organisation has a procurement protocol that requires you to call for tenders.

What does the rating mean?

Every customer who has a job undertaken on work4me has the option of rating the Trades or Services providers performance, and how satisfied they were with the job on completion. A customer can take advantage of the experience of other customers and use the ratings as important criteria for selecting a Trades or Services provider. Note: In order to protect the integrity of the building4u Rating system, Ratings can only be posted by Customers who have had Jobs undertaken by the Trade or Service Provider thorugh the work4me section on the building4u site.

Why are there different profiles displayed for Trade and Services Providers?

There are three different listing categories. The Basic listing is free. Trades and Services providers can pay a fee to upgrade their listing to Premium (Blue) or Platinum (Red) to include more information about their services to help you better understand the nature, extent and quality of their services, products and personnel, and to have their listing appear above other listings in any search of the Directory.

Where can I send ideas about improving the building4u Directory or web site?

Your views and ideas for improvement are important to us. Any ideas about improving our Directory or any other aspect of the website benefit all building4u customers. You can contact us directly through the following link contact us. Thanking you in advance for your ideas.

I have a question that is not addressed here!

If you have any question about our Services - please feel free to contact us.